Discover the island of Santo Antão by BRIXTON motorcycle 

Motorcycle rental &
Organization of guided tours on motorcycle

Motorcycle adventure on Santo Antão

By choosing a motorbike rental, you have the freedom to move independently around the island and chart your own trip.

We also offer you the possibility to explore with a local biker who knows the island perfectly and who will assist you throughout your adventure. He will advise you on all the possible routes, also outside the main roads, warning you of the various degrees of difficulty but above all he will be proud to make you discover all the hidden wonders of the island. As the language can be a barrier, with your fellow traveller you will have the immense advantage of having interactions with the locals which will give you the likelihood of memorable moments.

Another great advantage is that you will have the freedom to decide without obligation as your discovery progresses with valuable advice including restaurants and accommodation.

No stress and no time pressure guaranteed!


Price 4.900 ECV  (45€)  per day

(including insurance and VAT. Fuel not included.)

Deposit 20'000 ECV or 200€

Conditions to respect:
- For your safety and the proper functioning of the motorcycles only one person is allowed on the motorcycle due to the state of the roads and the fairly steep climbs;
- Maximum authorized weight 140kg;
- insurance does not cover damage caused by your fault, so these are your responsibility in the event of damage;
- Payments and deposit are only possible in cash.


Price 550 ECV  (5€)   per helmet

(one-time cleaning and disinfection fee)

Deposit 2'000 ECV ou 20€


Price 15.000 ECV  (136€)  per day

The guarantee for an unforgettable and stress free adventure.

The local biker will help you discover the island in complete safety. With it you will have the advantage of not missing any little hidden nugget of this paradise which can be defined by magnificent views, magic places or bars, restaurants, local producers and specialized stores.

He will warn you in advance of road conditions and dangers to avoid on all the different circuits and it will also be your best asset to find quick solutions in the event of a problem.