Our tours are carefully designed to show you around the most beautiful places on the island and to make it easier to choose the adventure that suits you best. These tours are scheduled for half a day or a full day including stops to give you time to discover the places that attract you the most.

For travelers coming from São Vicente, who wish to return the same day. We offer to meet you at the Port of Porto Novo as soon as you arrive with the first ferry in the morning and drop you off at the Port so that you can return with the last ferry to Mindelo.

One day tours

27.500 ECV / 250 € by tour and vehicle

Departure from 8h

The discovery of the North

This adventure will take you to the north of the island where you will discover magnificent landscapes and the superb hidden beach of Chã de Norte. On the way back you will enjoy the beauty of Ribeira da Cruz and Ribeira das Patas.

The paradise village

Tarrafal is a picturesque and beautiful village hidden away on the west coast of the island which will bring you an uneven feeling of peace and calm. The splendid panorama between the mountains and the ocean will remain an unforgettable memory.

The secrets of the mountains

The mountains will make you discover unique landscapes. We will take you to secret places where you can fully admire the beauty of the island. But beware, if the mountains decide otherwise, they can also envelop you in mist and turn your excursion into a mystical adventure.

The unmissable tour of the island

To pass over the ancient road which crosses the top of the mountains to get to Ribeira Grande, the visit of Ponta do Sol and the Paùl Valley is a MUST when you visit Santo Antão. We will take you to exclusive places and depending on the weather you will have the opportunity to bathe in 2 atypical and original swimming pools.

The distant little cross

Cruzinha is a charming little fisherman's village in the north of the island. On our trip, we will leave the road to explore different valleys. On the way back we will make a stop at the dam near Garça.

Half day tours

19.800 ECV / 180 € by tour and vehicle

Departure between 8-9h or 13-14h

The ghost farm

The ghost farm of Mesa is located in the heights of Porto Novo and was abandoned a long time ago. A feeling of mystery is guaranteed.

The garden of the island

This adventure will introduce you to the green valley of Paúl with the swimming pool at "Passagem". We will stop at a small store that offers local specialities but also along the sea to admire the statue of St Anthony.

At the top of the volcano

At the top of the volcano you can admire the crater Cova as well as the landscapes all around. The village of Pico da Cruz is located not far on a ridge between Porto Novo and Vale de Paúl. You will explore every nook and cranny  accessible with our vehicles on this side of the mountain.

Between three valleys

This tour will bring you to the border of the 3 valleys on the mountain pass between Ribeira das Patas, Ribeira da Cruz and Alto Mira. The beauty of the panorama over the valleys and the sea coast could take your breath away.

The forgotten villages

The entrance to these villages is behind the old abandoned cement factory when leaving Porto Novo. This adventure will take you to the bottom of these valleys which are remote corners rarely visited.